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Jacob Gold is featured in the Wall Street Journal article titled,
"Profile: An Adviser Follows in the Footsteps of Dad and Granddad".

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Reuters, October 2013 issue. Stern Advice - Till Death (Not Retirement) Do Us Part

Reuters profiled Jacob Gold, a financial adviser with Voya Financial Advisors in Scottsdale, Arizona, who focuses on retirement planning.

Money Magazine, February 2013 issue. Rebuild Your Nest Egg After a Divorce

Jacob Gold was quoted in this article about managing finances within a marriage.

Investment Advisor Magazine, December 2010 issue. Model Service

Investment Advisor Magazine profiled Jacob Gold & Associates, Inc. and describes their process of managing clients’ wealth.

Money Magazine, October 2010 issue. Bust Through Retirement Roadblocks

Money profiled a pre-retire couple and asked Jacob Gold to provide some guidance on their situation. It is a financial makeover piece.

Arizona Business Magazine, September 29, 2010. First Job

As a local CEO, Arizona Business Magazine wanted to know more about Jacob’s history, more specifically, his first job.

TIME Magazine, July 1, 2010. Financial Advisers, Losing Clients, Revamp Strategies

Janet Morrissey of TIME magazine quotes Jacob Gold on how financial advisers are re-examining the way they do business.

The Associated Press, May 8, 2010. Late gain ends volatile week for stock market

The Associated Press interviews Jacob Gold about the dramatic sell off in the equity markets that took place on May 6, 2010.

This article also appeared in:
ABC News
The Seattle Times

The Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2009. Funding Good Causes

Kelly Spors of The Wall Street Journal quotes Jacob Gold, in an article that addresses whether or not it is admirable of a mutual fund company to donate a portion of their fees to charity.

TIME Magazine, October 16, 2009. Jobless Entrepreneurs Face Tax Minefields

Janet Morrissey of TIME magazine quotes Jacob Gold in a piece that surrounds the increase in potential IRS audits.

The Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2009. Stop Me Before I Spend

Kelly Spors of The Wall Street Journal quotes Jacob Gold, in a piece that focuses on how American’s are not saving enough for retirement.

U.S News & World Report, August 10, 2009. Should you Carry a Mortgage into Retirement?

Emily Brandon of U.S. News & World Report quotes Jacob Gold on if retirees should pay off their home before retirement.

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